About Us

Founders: Paul Fratella and Anthony Guerriero

In 1990, Paul Fratella and Anthony Guerriero became friends when they began working together in a restaurant adjacent to a local golf resort.  Paul worked in the kitchen and Anthony worked on the floor—as their friendship grew and years passed—they began discussing ways how they could one day open a business and work together.

Paul and Anthony dreamt of one day opening their own restaurant and establishing a work environment that would be led by inspiration and innovation.  They vowed that if they ever achieved their goal, they would provide only the highest quality food in a family atmosphere, while giving back to their community and those less fortunate.

As the years went by the friends stayed in touch, but their lives led them down different paths due to family and work responsibilities.  While Paul stayed in the restaurant business and worked for several top restaurant chains—his jobs took him out of Arizona and to Utah, Indiana and Florida. Meanwhile Anthony changed careers and worked his way up to assistant chief engineer in the refrigeration field.  In 2008, both friends began thinking about changing the paths their business careers had taken them on.

As Anthony was studying International Business in Spain and Paul was traveling around the country opening restaurants, the two friends reconnected and once again discussed their goal of owning and operating a business together.

In 2009, Paul and Anthony began planning in earnest on the concept that is today, Caballero Grill.  In 2011 a location was discovered and remodeled, staff was hired and menus were developed.  Caballero Grill officially opened their doors on January 2, 2012.

Caballero Grill is truly a unique restaurant. All food is prepared fresh in-house and will only serve foods made from top quality ingredients.  The kitchen features an actual kettle grill filled with pecan wood, which imparts a subtle smoky flavor to several of their menu items.  They feature the only ceviche bar in the Valley, which allows patrons to select their own ingredients, including marinates scallops, shrimp and seafood blends, which are made fresh and served with homemade chips.

Most recently Caballero Grill started a Sunday Brunch which features many of their top selling menu items as well as a seafood station overflowing with shrimp, crab and mussel.

Both Paul and Anthony believe in giving back and are very involved in the local community and created alliances with several non-profit organizations including Blue Star Mom’s, Soldiers Best Friend, Avondale School District, Sun Canyon Elementary, Millennium High School, Homeless Youth Connection, The Montessori, The New Life Center and other local groups.


Caballero Grill
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