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Best restaurant in Goodyear

Mar 27, 2013 by Barbie

We stop in Caballero's at least 2 times weekly. The food and drinks are wonderful and really tasty, but everyone there makes us feel so welcome. Jason is one of the best Bartenders and we love Sam who is usually there when we're there. She is such a sweetheart and goes out of her way to make sure we enjoy our dinner. Sunday we met Sara and Jessica when we had appetizers at the bar and both of them were extremely helpful and kept checking back with us. The food is really the best we have experienced since moving from Florida. We only wish the owners would build one in Estrella Mountain Ranch and then it would be in our back yard. Thank you all for providing us with this lovely restaurant, Barbie and Pat.

great food and well worth it!!!

Mar 16, 2013 by steve warmington

well i flew from colorado springs colorado for the jazz fest in october 2012 and we stayed at the hampton inn and ate ate this resturant next to us i ate there friday saturday and sunday on friday i had the burger and there famous fries which were incredible and then as i left they told us about the 10.00 plate of pork loin and they cooked it so tender it was well worth it and made me come back sunday and want to try the whiskey new york strip which was also great but on sunday i met the two brothers they let me sample a macorni and chesse and also bought me a shot or too which was really high class of them there two great guys i believe there brothers the skinny one was named paul what a great guy to talk to i felt like i was at home never rushed for service and the drinks were awesome thanks alot i have a friend coming down on april 11 to the 18th plz take care of her how you did me i appreciate it thanks

Great First Experience

Mar 14, 2013 by Susie Nee

We just dined at Caballero Grill for the first time last week. Our server was excellent. We tried everything she recommended and were delighted. We especially liked the ceviche. We'll be back soon!

Great Food, Service, Atmosphere

Feb 27, 2013 by Renae

This is the best grill ever and the fact it is in Goodyear close to home is great. I've been back and I will continue to...

Awesome owners and chef !!

Jan 12, 2013 by David L. Mason

I just got back from out of town, but wanted to share my first and only experience with this restaurant.
I was invited to a Christmas party and was asked to bring a dish. I was craving Paella, so I searched the net. Somehow I arrived at Caballeros'. I called, they said, at the time they were'nt making Paella but that they had a nice seafood rice they were doing. I said I needed enough for 15. They swiftly made a portion plated it and e-mailed me a pic of the dish. It looked superb, and the cost was very reasonable for what I was offered, however at that time I was pretty tapped financially, so I asked (a little embarressed) if they would make the rice less the seafood, like a vegetable rice pilaf or something. I was surprised when one of the owners called me back and said we'll make something for you that you and your guests will love that is in your budget. When I picked it up the next day I was greeted by the other owner and the Chef and they said they understood times were tough and went ahead and put in some seafood anyway, and said Merry Christmas from us to you !! Then the Chef insisted on helping me to my car with two massive pans of some of the best food I have ate in awhile. The rice was cooked and seasoned to perfection and the seafood was fresh and wonderful ! Sorry guys for taking so long to post this. You will be recommended to all of our customers at both locations of T-N-T Carwash, and I cannot wait to get a date to take her to your place! Good job on all levels, see ya soon...
David L. Mason
General Mngr T N T Carwash

Best spot in AZ period!!!

Jan 11, 2013 by Leslie Rodriguez

The best happy hour anywhere around. Try the wedge salad; no one has better bleu cheese crumbles. Get to know Jason and Heather, the bartenders; they make your visit the best time.

Great Food

Nov 16, 2012 by Kris

I was privileged enough to be treated to the Top Sirloin during a business meeting. I can't recommend this place enough. The food is made fresh to order and it is extremely reasonably priced. You can't find the quality of this food anywhere else in AZ at this price point. Highly recommend it.

Birthday Brunch!

Aug 06, 2012 by Margaret Brough

I wanted to thank you for an exceptional meal yesterday for my sons birthday! It was a complete delight for all who were there! The food was terrific and we will be back again without question! I can hardly wait! Thanks again!


Aug 05, 2012 by William Brough

It's about time for Goodyear, AZ. to get a restaurant which scores high marks across the board! My experience is now three visits deep and have traversed multiple levels of the restaurant and can truly offer it a top-notch rating! Believe it people, this place is the ticket!

My review is based on three separate visits offering a greater insight to their operations and a broader picture of what they are capable of doing. Formerly McGrath's Seafood house, there has not been an overwhelming amount of a makeover needed to get the place up and running. Great for Paul Fratella and Anthony Guerriero who are the brains behind the operation!

Our first trip was for a Sunday dinner. We arrived during their initial happy hour which is from 2-7 daily and decided to dine off of the discounted menu since it was so appealing looking.

We started off with a glass of their house Chardonnay and a Caballeros Cocktail, their version of the famous Hurricane. The wine was surprisingly good and for only $3, it was the deal of the day. The Caballeros was smooth and refreshing, reminding me of being back in Key West having cocktails at Mallory Square at sundown. Too many of these and I would have had to take a cab home! We snacked on a Cheese Burger & fries, a Fish Sandwich as well as some chips and dips. Their pricing is quite low for all that was offered and filling to boot.

Our server was delightful and a real treat. She was quite busy that night yet barely missed a beat when it came to her attentiveness. She seemed knowledgeable about most of the foods items and was able to make suggestions along the way.

Following the meal, the manager offered us a tour of their facilities sharing the company vision and we were most impressed.

Based on this experience, my co workers decided to try out the incredible deals on lunch items. The specials are all $5 and the variety is enough to keep us coming back. Turkey Club sandwiches, Fish Sandwiches, Cesar Salad and Beer Battered fish along with some Baked Potato Soup. We called it in and it was ready when we arrived. They must are seemingly still new at getting their to-go orders together as there were some items missed. Nothing that we could not live without. All in all it was still a well packaged lot and everyone at the office enjoyed it thoroughly!

This morning we round out visit #3 for their Sunday Brunch. It runs from 9-2 and believe me, you will not go away hungry! We were graciously greeted at the door and seated immediately. Our server was Sarah and was bright and welcoming from the very moment we arrived. She told us about the Mimosa & Bloody Mary Bar which was $2 a glass so we started out with a nice Mimosa. Sarah invited us to begin with the buffet when ever we were ready. Once were received our drinks, it was off to the feast.

The primary food line has an expansive array of breakfast items to chose from. Perfectly poached eggs topped the Eggs Benedict. There were Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries, Plump Sausage links, Crisp Bacon as well as Biscuits and Gravy. There was also a wonderful Macaroni and Cheese, Chicken Paella, a Waffle station and Carving station with a huge slab of roasted pork. Across the aisle was an Omelet station where the selection of ingredients was seemingly endless. The Omelet Chef was friendly and working two pans at a time so the wait was limited.

From there, our next trip took us through the restaurant to the seafood station which included Peel and eat shrimp, mussels and Snow Crab Clusters. There was cocktail sauce as well as fresh lemons, all of it very inviting. In front of that set up was the Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar. You have got to do the Bloody Mary's!! The supplies to complete the perfect drink are all there! Worcestershire sauce, Horse Radish, Gigantic Olives and a huge supply of all different hot sauces! Well done!!

The last station visited was the dessert table. It included fresh fruits, pastries, breads and muffins. There was a fresh baked apple pie, amaretto Cheese Cake and a creamy & delicious Chocolate tart served in a aperitif glass that was to die for! The morning was a huge success and we all look forward to coming back again and again!

Impressive? Yes! Would I recommend this place? ABSOLUTELY! Adults $20, Kids 12 and under $8. Don't miss out on this!

Best Ceviche!

Jun 08, 2012 by Joe Mendoza

Wow! I was blown a way by the Ceviche.. It was the 1st time I have seen it made to order and I have to say that Cucumer Margarita was surprisingly good. This will defiantely be My New Happy hour Restaurant in Goodyear, AZ

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